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Well, after a long 3 months of "recovery" as my therapit so calls it.
I'm done with treatment.
I'm 5'8 at 130 pounds.
115 here I come :)

I've been eating 3 basic meals a day...that;s on a good day and now, I'm trying my hardest to not drink anymore pop(even diet).

Today, at school, my counselor ate lunch with me. I had a baked potato.300 right there. Cheese on the side and meat. (add another 500) And a chocolate milk (160) Do you think that was more or less? :-/

I know.

But that is why I'm starting a 7 day fast starting tonight at 12am.

I am being casting for a modeling job on May 27th so I want to be as thin as possible for then.

Think thin :)
skinny, model, daria

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well it's been so long since i've talked to you girls!
these last 3 days have been painful. im 134 now. Ew. And Halloween is tomorrow. I'm not going trick-or-treating. I'm not going to hand out candy. I might stay home in my bed and do homework or still be here in this room staring at these white walls.
My life.
They said that they might release me tomorrow :) i am really praying that they do. I mean, I gained 10 pounds and I think I deserve to be let out! I've had to obey rules and actually, eat something!
but life sucks.
so today, instead of eating candy, we ate apples. i ate 3 just cause i was hungry. they had candy but no one ate it. it was wuite funny actually.
well, i got my pjs on and brushed my teeth and i might go to bed pretty soon.
geez, rehab sucks.
just so everyone knows.
i have a new goal. 120 by thanksgiving.
sound good?
i think so.
well, sorry for the long post. just wanted to catch up.
o and i guess i should post my disgusting stats.
h: 5'8
w: 134
gw1: 125

well, cya!
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hiya girlies!! im a bit upset at the mo.. my hair is now fallin out more than usual... ive been scared to take vitiamins b4 but now i kno i have 2 get sum. but wil they def stop makin my hair fall out?

feelin so weak today :( how is every one?? xxxx
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